Welcome to the AUTOMATED IMP

Traveller, you found the page of the Automate Imp, a splinterlands automated service.
My friends just call me AutoImp, or short 'A.I.'
You want to really kick ass with you splinterlands cards or just don't have to time to play the game, but still want some return on your investment?
Then this is the perfect place to start!
Using the bot is quite simple:
First of all, you need the "Hive Keychain" Browser extension. If you don't have this installed, go to https://hive-keychain.com and install it.
Then all you have to do is enter your username below and hit "Sign in with Keychain".
Check the bot settings (the defaults should be ok) and then click "Start imp". If you do this the first time, it will ask you to authorize the bot's public posting key to your account.
To stop the bot, you just click "Stop imp".
You can check the authorization anytime on third party sites like https://hiveblocks.com and also add/delete the authorization there.
This means you always keep full control over your account, hive blockchain at it's best!

Please install HIVE-Keychain from https://hive-keychain.com to start using AutoImp!